Khajuraho Films Private Limited

The main objective of this company is:

  • To prepare, manufacture, write, produce, direct or telecast, broadcast, distribute, export, import any Films, movie, ry Serial, Advertisement, to sponsor any entertainment programmes, dramas, musical nights etc.
  • To produce or direct or market, in India or abroad, audio and audio visuals such as TV Channels, news and current affairs and entertainment, radio channels, films, serials, videos, jingles, documentaries, programme on current affairs, news, advertising and other programmes for Doordarshan and other Private Channels and marketing of other Private Channels.
  • To prepare, manufacture, produce, direct, telecast, broadcast, distribute, import, export, exhibit any film, TV serial, advertisement, to sponsor, any entertainment programme, dramas, musical nights, fashion shows, stage shows, performances, sports events, and to acquire any copyrights, patents, distribution of any marketing rights of any films, advertisement, TV serial programmes, audio cassettes, video cassettes, compact disc to build, operate and run any theatre, soap operas, cinema halls, drama halls, and to do the business of entertainment generally.
  • To carry on the business of consultants, publicity, marketing, and advertising agents, and all business of a like or allied nature, press agents, news agents, printing agents, newspaper, cutting agents, bills, posters, commission agents, posters or organizers of or agents of all type of advertisement or publicity schemes and methods inclusive of all mass media like radia, television, cinema, video, hoardings, newspaper, magzines and films to carry on the business of providing advertising consultancy and market research including public relations.
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