Gomteshwar Real Estate Private Limited

The main objective of this company is:

  • To carry on the business of construction of residential houses, commercial buildings, flats and factory’s sheds and buildings in or out side of India and to act as builders, colonisers, and civil and construction contractors.
  • To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire sell and mortgage any estates, lands, agricultural lands, buildings easements or such other interest in any immovable property and to develop and turn to account by laying out, plotting and preparing the same for building purposes, construction building, furnishing, fitting up and improving buildings and by paying, draining and building on lease.
  • To buy, exchange or otherwise acquire, an interest in any immovable property such as houses buildings and lands within or outside the limits of Municipal Corporation or such other local bodies and to provide roads, drains, water supply electricity and lights within these areas, to divide the same into suitable plots and rent or sell the plots to the people for building, houses, bungalows and colonies for workmen according to schemes approved by improvement Trusts Development Boards and Municipal Boards thereon and to rent or sell the same to the public and realise cost in lumpsum or an instalments or by hire purchase system or otherwise to start any housing scheme in India or abroad.
  • To act as an agent for purchasing, selling, and letting on hire, land, and houses whether multistoryed, commercial and/or residential buildings on commission basis.


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